NewsErnie Hudson Says New Ghostbusters Video...

Ghostbusters: Afterlife has given long-term fans of the 1984 movie the payoff they have been waiting over thirty years for, with the original busting team back on the big screen taking on one of their first and most formidable foes. Now, franchise st [...]

19 Dec 2021

NewsThe Eternals Defend Humanity on 4K Ultra...

Marvel fans can soon enjoy never-before-seen bonus material including four deleted scenes and a gag reel on Eternals on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. Marvel Studios’ Eternals follows a group of ancient heroes from beyond the stars who have prot [...]

19 Dec 2021

NewsScream Featurette Highlights the New Cas...

There was a lot of concern from fans, perhaps those who knew Robert Pattinson best from his role as the vampire Edward in Twilight, when the actor was first announced to play Bruce Wayne in The Batman. Others felt right away that it was a solid casti [...]

19 Dec 2021

GossipBuzz: 'Akhanda' In Tension With Boyapati...

The expectations on Balakrishna's 'Akanda' are very high. But the release date hasn't come out yet. Though the release is expected to happen on December 2nd, the makers are doubting the release considering the ticket prices in Andhra [...]

19 Dec 2021

GossipBuzz: 50L Heroine Demands Rs 1.25 Cr

She is not a busy bee. In fact, this actress doesn’t have many offers barring the one film, which is on the sets. She herself approached the makers to do a movie opposite a budding actor. She did the film for Rs 50 lakhs, but it didn’t [...]

19 Dec 2021

GossipBuzz: Top Hero's 'Hair' Bill Runs in Lak...

Styling has become an essential part of filmmaking in Tollywood. Every major actor and actress is hiring a personal stylist for dressing and hair. Many of these fly down from Mumbai to Hyderabad. These stylists charge more than one lakh for a sing [...]

19 Dec 2021
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Eco-Friendly Restraunt

Restaurants are commercial kitchens an [...]

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Importance of Dance

Dance is a performing art form consistin [...]

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Music gives Peace

The articles were to be illustrated by 6 [...]

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Rise of Robotics

In recent years the mushrooming power, f [...]

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CategoryImpact of social media on stud...

In the contemporary world, most people use social media for news, entertainment, to seek information and to be updated every day. Nowadays, the use of [...]

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CategoryCoronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Most people infected with the virus will experience m [...]

18 Dec 2021 12:40 PM

CategoryImpact of Social Media

Social Media is one of the most fast growing platforms in our era. We are able to communicate with other people very easily by using social media. Exa [...]