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IBN - News 18 You Can’t Find The Animal in This Optical Illusion Image With Open Eyes

The image of the animal amid the black and white lines can be noticed with half-closed eyes.

IBN - News 18 Viral Video: 60-Year-Old Man Emerges Winner in Long Distance Race

The video has garnered close to one crore views on YouTube.

IBN - News 18 Watch: How You Can Launch Your Paper Planes Into the Air

The launching pad consists of just another piece of paper and a rubber band.

IBN - News 18 One Misfired Cracker Sets an Army of Fireworks Going as Residents Run for Cover

The women and the children are seen sitting on the grass area, while the group of men are busy lighting the fireworks.

IBN - News 18 WATCH: Massive Lightning Bolt Burns House Roof in Massachusetts

The video was captured by a 14-year-old named Joshua Pabisz, who lived several hundred feet away from the damaged house.

IBN - News 18 Dramatic Visuals of Philadelphia Shooting Go Viral, Twitter User Calls America a ‘Horror Movie’

People are heard screaming and running to save their lives while the fireworks go off in the backdrop. The user in the caption wrote "America is a horror movie.”

IBN - News 18 Hotel In Ibiza Offers Free Night Stay In One Of Their Suites, But There Is A Catch

Tiktokers gave us a glimpse of this weird see-through room.

IBN - News 18 Picture of Baby in Full Face Mask on Air New Zealand Flight Goes Viral

The photograph was taken by a passenger named Jandre Opperman, who shared it on his Instagram

IBN - News 18 Man Returns From Abroad To See Stranger In His London Flat, He Can't Kick Him Out

Filippe Scalora left London in 2019 to travel but got stuck in Australia with his parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IBN - News 18 WATCH: Strangers Join Hands to Save Car from Falling into Deep Crevasse on Manali Road

Recently, a driver on the roads of Himachal Pradesh was left in utter distress after his red vehicle skidded on a slippery road.

IBN - News 18 No, The Riskiest Asteroid Won't Collide With Earth In 2052; Details Inside

The European Space Agency (ESA) has removed asteroid - 2021 QM1 - from their risk list.

IBN - News 18 'GentleMinions': Why is Gen-Z Turning Up in Suit-clad Groups to Watch 'Rise of Gru'?

The GentleMinions have become started to spell trouble for some movie theatres, which have banned teenagers from turning up to watch the Gru movie in suits.

IBN - News 18 British Woman Has Lived in Same House for 104 Years and Has No Plans of Leaving it

Elsie was born in June 1918, when George V was king, and the First World War was still a few months away from ending.

IBN - News 18 Eddie of 'Stranger Things' Has Exceptional Taste in 'Music' and Iron Maiden Agrees

Eddie of Stranger Things 4 has an exceptional taste in music and Iron Maiden wholeheartedly agrees.

IBN - News 18 It's Raining Diamonds on Uranus and Neptune. Could Humans Get Them?

Astrophysicist Naomi Rowe-Gurney shared how the James Webb Space Telescope will help in unravelling why it rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune.