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FOX News National Education Association teachers union proposes resolution to change 'mother' to 'birthing parent'

The NEA teachers union's proposed resolutions called for the word 'mother' to be switched out for 'birthing parent' in the 2022 Representative Assembly.

FOX News White House communications response slammed by reporters from Politico, WaPo, CNN: 'Bad form'

Politico’s Alex Thompson suggested that the White House blatantly ignored his request for a comment on the recent news surrounding communications director Kate Bedingfield.

FOX News 'Stranger Things' brings new life to '80s classics by introducing a new generation to Kate Bush, Metallica

During the finale of the Netflix series, Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, strums "Master of Puppets" on the guitar to do his part in taking down this season’s villain.

FOX News Netflix star Chase Stokes' mourns loss of 'Outer Banks' stand-in Alexander 'AJ' Jennings following his death

Netflix series 'Outer Banks' stand-in Alexander 'AJ' Jennings was killed in hit-and-run collision while walking in Charleston, South Carolina, after July Fourth.

FOX News Greg Gutfeld calls on moderate Democrats to 'come back' and rediscover the joys of 'common sense'

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld claimed the Republican Party needs to be "persuasive" to voters during this year's midterms amid the "lack of optimism" across the nation on 'The Five.'

FOX News Kaitlin Armstrong could remain jailed on federal hold even if she scrounges $3.5M bond, former prosecutor says

Authorities have requested a "hold for feds" detainer on Texas cycling love triangle murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong following the death of Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson in Austin.

FOX News Los Angeles DA George Gascon recall effort: Organizers say they submitted thousands more names than needed

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon could face a recall election if the 717,000 signatures turned in to officials Wednesday are verified.

FOX News Yankees team owner talks Aaron Judge contract negotiations, felt good about offseason offer

Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees didn't get a contract extension worked out before opening day, but team owner Hal Steinbrenner doesn't appear to be worried.

FOX News Lawrence O’Donnell claims Republicans ensure America has ‘the best equipped mass murderers in the world’

Lawrence O’Donnell blamed Republicans for the Highland Park shooting, claiming they “do everything they can” to ensure Americans are the “best equipped mass murderers in the world.”

FOX News Browns agree to trade Baker Mayfield to Panthers

Baker Mayfield's time with the Cleveland Browns appeared to be over as the team reportedly agreed to trade the former No. 1 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers

FOX News Highland Park shooting attack: There is 'something very troubling' about suspect's parents, Ted Williams says

Ted Williams spotlighted 'troubling' behavior from the parents of the suspect accused of killing at least 7 at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade on 'Your World.'

FOX News Like Brad Pitt, do you have trouble recognizing people? It may be prosopagnosia or 'face blindness'

Actor Brad Pitt recently shared that he believes he has prosopagnosia, or "face blindness." Fox News Digital interviewed an expert about this troubling neurological condition.

FOX News Some of the many Boris Johnson scandals that rocked Britain

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has regularly found himself at the center of controversy, from office sex scandals to alleged abuse of power while in office.

FOX News Justice Department investigating Texas' Operation Lone Star border security mission

Operation Lone Star, which was launched last year in Texas amid surging border crossings, is under investigation by the DOJ, according to public records.

FOX News Twitter reinstates Alex Berenson after ‘permanently’ suspending his account in 2021 over COVID tweets

Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson returned to Twitter on Wednesday after he was given a "permanent "ban for allegedly violating the platform's COVID "misinformation" policy.