Buzz: 'Akhanda' In Tension With Boyapati's 'Squeezing'


Description :

The expectations on Balakrishna's 'Akanda' are very high. But the release date hasn't come out yet. Though the release is expected to happen on December 2nd, the makers are doubting the release considering the ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh. 

The problem is not only with the sale figure but also the making cost. 

Producer Ravinder Reddy tasted loss with Jaya Janaki Nayaka. Balayya's Akhanda gave him the chance to recover the loss. But happiness is not with him. The reason is Boyapati'sover expenditure.  

The inner circles of Tollywood say that an amount of Rs 80 - Rs 90 Cr was spent on Akhanda. Boyapati's films are always cost-failures. Even the film "Legend" didn't give much profit to the makers. 

As Boyapati's name was added to the project the Hindi rights were increased. So the maximum cost of production should not have crossed R s70 Cr. But Rs 80- 90 Cr is on the wrong side.

Had there been no ticket price issues in AP, things would have been different. The total deficit due to the present ticket prices is Rs 9 Cr. So the producer is releasing the film for table loss. 

Now the sources say that with the addition of deficit, the total burden is going upto Rs 20 Cr. There are some comments in the industry that had the producers been Geetha Arts, Boyapati would have made the film on a limited budget, but since it is Miriyala Ravinder Reddy he was squeezed.

Some insiders in the industry are saying that Boyapati earlier boasted that he is good at squeezing the talent from music director to get the best output, but now he proved that he can squeeze out the producer as well.