Impact of Social Media

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Social Media is one of the most fast growing platforms in our era. We are able to communicate with other people very easily by using social media. Example now by using social media Rahul can communicate to his friend who is living in Poland. Social media has enabled us to keep in touch with our friends who don t live close to us. We are also able to know the news in other parts of the world much easily by using social media. We can create a group of many people together in social media to discuss about a particular issue. We can see the variety of opinions which arises by discussing and debating about a particular subject or incident.


Some small people whose voice was not heard before are able to voice their opinions through social media. They are able to bring out the truth to the public. We are also able to share videos, pictures etc with just one click through social media. We are able to build better relationships with our friends. Thus, we can say social media is very useful for an individual in many ways. Social media also has a harmful effect if it is not used wisely or judiciously. Some people get addicted to social media like instagram, facebook, whatsapp etc. This leads to a decrease in their productivity in real life. People are hooked on their phones and face to face meetings have become very uncommon because of social media.


People are doing very less exercise these days and are engrossed in social media. It makes the unhealthy. Overusing of social media will lead to many eyeproblems for the user because of straining his or her eyes on the gadget can lead to eye problem. People are now very eager only thinking about new posts, new notifications etc. Thus, social media has a negative effect to on the life of an individual.


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